Back in Lima || Kurt open para

As my plane landed, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I couldn’t wait to surprise Blaine. I got up and got my thing’s and headed off the plane. Dad was there and he waved to me and I waved back happily. We hugged and my dad lead the way to where the car was. We talked about how things were going. Thing’s are going really well at the shop, Im happy to hear thing’s are going well at the shop, and he’s happy to hear thing’s are going well with thing’s at work. We get in the car and I ask him if he could drop me off at the school so I could surprise Blaine. He nods and head’s towards McKinley.

Minutes later he stops at the front and asks if I’ll be getting a ride with Blaine. I nod and he tell’s me he’ll see me later. Getting out of the car I wave to him and head inside. Looking at my watch I figure that everyone is probably rehearsing so I make my way to the music room.